As the Host of your event we ask that you abide by the following terms and conditions.

  1. An event is booked after you fill out our online reservation form and we confirm via email the request, time and date and a non-refundable deposit 0f 50% is made. You will receive an email confirming the deposit has been received. At that time your spot will be reserved.
  2. Reservations are based on availability
  3. We will confirm your event again via email 7-10 days prior. Please be sure to confirm the time, location, agreed on services and fees. We will provide you with the balance if any that is still due.
  4. Payment balances are due prior to set up of the event. If paying by check payment must be made 10 days prior to the event. If paying by cash the balance of the payment can be made the day of the event but must be made before we set up and start. Delay of payment will cut into event time. We will not accept checks the day of the event.
  5. Cancellations: If a cancellation is made by you with 30 days advance notice prior to the event we will give you a 50% refund of the full amount that was agreed to for the event. There are no refunds for any cancellation with less than a 30 day notice. If weather is severe enough that we feel the event is not safe to have we will reschedule for another date within 6 months. If we are unable to fulfill our obligation to you and we cancel our services we will give you a full refund or reschedule. We want you to be happy and we want to be fair. If you have any questions regarding our policy on cancellations please be sure to ask us.
  6. We reserve the right to cancel our services at any time for any reason Such as:
    we were not given proper information about the location and/or the environment of the event, parking for our truck and trailer, accessibility, inadequate directions/address, guests are not behaving in a safe manner, children are not properly supervised/safe, we feel our staff and or ponies and pets are in danger, or any other reason that we believe we are not able to properly fulfill our obligation at no fault of our own.
  7. It is very important that all guests are informed ahead of time about the services we will be providing. If there are minors please be sure that a parent or guardian is made aware that their child may be touching animals and/or riding ponies. You may not be aware of allergies or religious/personal beliefs or fears that may restrict your guests participation.
  8. All guests need to be aware of and follow our safe rules posted on our website at all times.
  9. We reserve the right to restrict guests from riding our ponies based on height, weight, behavior or any other reason we believe that may cause harm to our ponies or guests. Some of our ponies are small and we have a weight limit based on the size of the ponies. It is your responsibility to inform us about the size of your guests so we can do our best to bring ponies that will fit the requirements. We have ponies from very small to large so we can accommodate most or all guests. If you have a guest with any special needs it is your responsibility to inform us ahead of time so we can do our best to accommodate their needs. We only have restrictions for the safety of our ponies and your guests. The small ponies have a weight limit of 65lbs. Parents may be required to lift their child onto and off the pony. If you would like us to provide an extra helper to do this there may be additional fees.
  10. You are responsible to be prepared for the weather on the day of your event. We will come prepared to provide a magical experience for you and your guests.
  11. We reserve the right to use photos and videos of you and all guests from your event for our business marketing, website, social media, and any and all other uses to promote our business. If you or a guest do not wish to have your photos or video used please inform us in writing of the name and be sure we are clear who the guest is so we can make all reasonable efforts to ensure they are not used.

Rules for a FUN successful Event:

  • The host must inform all guests of these rules prior to riding a pony or entering the petting zoo. Please ask questions if you or a guest is not sure about something.
  • We suggest guests wear closed toe shoes to save their precious piggies.
  • Host and parents are required to supervise children at all times and enforce our rules.
  • Children are not allowed on or behind our truck and trailer.
  • While we are unloading and setting up we ask that parents keep all children away from the vehicles, fencing and animals until we inform you that we are ready to begin.
  • When pony rides start children who want a turn may line up. We ask that only one child rides at a time and that children do not walk with the pony while other children are being led.
  • No throwing any objects around the animals.
  • DO NOT run up to the ponies or animals, go behind the ponies, jump on or around them, hit or grab onto them. We strictly enforce this rule. If children would like to give the pony or petting zoo animals hugs and kisses we can assist to be sure everyone is safe.
  • Children under 5 must have a parent or adult to walk with them when riding the ponies.
  • Do not feed anything to our animals, they have special diets. We will have treats that can be fed after everyone is done riding.
  • All adults that are interacting with the animals need to be in control and follow the same rules as the kids.
  • No climbing on our fences.
  • Respect our limit to the number of guests allowed in the petting zoo area. This may vary depending on how many animals we have.
  • Animals may poop, we do our best to keep it clean please let us know if we miss any.
  • We will instruct the parents and children how to get on and off the pony and how to touch the petting zoo animals.
  • Please be sure to sanitize your hands after touching the animals. We furnish the hand sanitizer.
  • We will do our best to be sure everyone has a turn please be sure that children do not wait until the last minute to get a turn as we will end our services at the agreed upon time. We hate to see any child miss out!
  • Please be sure that there is an English speaking chaperone.
  • Take a lot of pictures! Have FUN and let us do the work!!!