Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo

We offer a wonderful variety of pets to create the perfect petting zoo experience. We have raised our petting zoo animals from babies. Our petting zoo comes with a combination of choices. Children and adults can also enjoy the rewards of just petting and grooming animals. Many studies have shown that there are therapeutic benefits for people of all ages who touch animals or are just in their presence. A petting zoo is a wonderful addition to having a pony or as a special stand-alone addition to your event.

Petting Zoo Fees:

All petting zoo fees are based on a 1-hr timeframe:

If a petting zoo is added to a pony party, that 1 hr. will be enjoyed at the same time as the pony rides.

For a $ 200 fee:

Stand-alone event, with: 1 mini donkey, 1 mini Juliana pig, 2 goats, 4 chickens & 2 bunnies

For a $ 150 fee:

Add-on to a pony ride: 1 mini donkey, 1 mini Juliana pig, 2 goats, 4 chickens, and 2 bunnies


A mini donkey or pony to paint as a stand-alone (without other petting zoo animals)

For a $ 100 fee:

Add-on to a pony party: (1) mini donkey to paint (without other petting zoo animals)

If you would like to have the petting zoo without the mini donkey, you may deduct $50 from your fee.

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