Personalized Experiences

Personalized Experiences

This service is a crowd-pleaser! We feel it is a special and unique service that will make memories that last a lifetime!

We will customize an experience just for you! You decide if it is with a pony, horse, unicorn, My Little Pony, Pegasus or any one of our many pets. Give someone or yourself this distinctive gift! Choose from one or several animals.

While many people do not have the time for, or the location to house these pets, they may still have the desire for this experience. We strive to live day-to-day with a healthy mind and body. Animals are proven to help us with that.

With our fast-paced busy lives we often choose not to have animals, and in turn we may miss out on this very gratifying experience. Children here in the Bay Area have so many advantages, and we live in a place where technology is a large part of our lifestyle. Our children are so busy with school, sports, classes, tutoring, and studying that they are missing out on this very important element that helps to reduce stress, anxiety and the rushing around that they experience all day, just like their parents.

I have worked with children in the child care field for over 25 years and I understand what the average Bay Area family day is like. We are a busy, fast-paced society that barely has time to sleep! I also know firsthand what the therapeutic benefits that petting a dog or brushing a horse may have. This is the reason we have chosen to commit full-time to sharing our ponies, horses and pets with children of all ages whether for an event or personal time.

Book your own special event, or give yourself or those in your life some animal TLC.


Personal Pony/Horse time: $ 100/hr.

(for horse riding, we offer an option for guided trail-riding depending on experience – call for details)

Personal Donkey Time: $ 100/hr.

Personal Petting Zoo $ 45/30 min. per pet

(choice of chickens, goats, rabbits, mini pig, small dog):


Please call for pricing for your unique experience with our: multiple petting zoo pets, ponies, unicorns, My Little Pony or Pegasus.

We also work with local dog and cat rescue groups. If you would like to book a dog/ puppy or cat/ kitten party with animals that are up for adoption, we can also arrange this type of party on occasion. We give 50% of profits from this event to the rescue group.