Our	 Animals

Our Animals

Enchanted Ponies and Pets is not your average pony riding petting zoo business. We are a full service equine entertainment business. We provide superior quality ponies and pets that not only are beautiful but equally sweet. Our animals have been hand selected for temperament first! We have picked ponies that we would put anyone in our own family on. Of course, our ponies are both beautiful and adorable too. They are magical animals, angels without wings. To just look at a pony or horse does something for our souls. It is in their nature to want to connect with the people they meet. Until you have spent time with our ponies you only know their beauty but once you meet them you will feel the magic they bring. This is not something we teach them it is just the way they are. It is not just our ponies that bring joy but our petting zoo animals as well. Our donkey Stella will stand as long as you will to be hugged and kissed. She will lean into you for extra love. Enjoy looking through our website and take a peek at the photo gallery. You can see in the faces of the children and adults the joy they experience through connecting with our enchanted ponies and pets. Go to our facebook page to see pictures of where they live not just of them at parties. Get a glimpse of the life they live which makes them the wonderful ponies they are at your event! We take pride in the care and love we give to our animals!

See you at your next event!