Can we take pictures?

Our animals love pictures! You can take your own or take advantage of having our photographer take them for you. We have a professional photographer who can come to the event and take all the pictures so that you can focus on enjoying your guests. Let us know if you would like to use this service!

Can we feed the ponies and petting zoo animals?

All of our animals LOVE treats! We will have treats that can be given to the petting zoo animals but if you want to feed leaf or roamine lettuce, carrots or fresh herbs like parsley and cilantro you are welcome to do so. Our ponies can have treats at the end of the event so that they stay focused on their job. We ask that the children who would like to give treats line up and they can give special pony treats one at a time. Please help us to instruct the children to put the treats on the ground in front of the pony so that little fingers do not accidentally get nibbled.

Can we have other activities like jump houses?

Yes, our ponies are used to being around lots of different activities and don’t mind at all as long as there is adequate space. Please be sure to discuss what other activities you will have and how they will be set up.

Can we have decorations?

Yes. We agree that decorations are fun and a great way to make your event festive. We do ask that you take into consideration animals natural instincts to startle if balloons pop etc. Please have balloon decorations away from the pony ride area. On hot days balloons tend to pop so keep that in mind.

What if it rains?

We will be at your event rain or shine! Our ponies don’t mind.

How far will you travel and do you charge?

We can travel anywhere in the surrounding areas of the Bay and further. Travel distance depends on the size and length of the event. Travel fees may apply.

When do we pay for the party and how?

We require your deposit of 50% at booking and the balance is due prior to the event. If paying by cash you can pay the day of the event but before we set up. If paying by check we require we have it 10 days prior to the event. We do not accept checks on the day of the event. Failure to pay for the event in full may cause your event to be canceled. Payments may be made in the form of cash or check or paypal.

How do we book a party, how far in advance should we book our party?

Good question, it’s easy! Please contact us by phone, email or text. Provide as much information about your preferred dates, the type of services you are considering, the time frame you prefer and the best way to contact you back. We will get back to you promptly to learn more about your event and firm up details. Once we agree on all the specifics we will provide you with a summary and fees. At this time you can make a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot for your special event. If there is not a deposit you do not have a reserved spot so please be sure to get your deposit in!

What should we do with our own pets?

Please be sure that all family pets are locked up. Our animals are used to our family dogs and other pets but neither your dog or our pets know each other and we feel its best if we prevent any possibility of injury to your pets and ours! We are bringing animals into your territory and not all pets are ok with that.

Do you need a place to park?

Yes, please be sure to save an area between to ft for our truck and trailer to park. We need time and room to unload and set up before the event begins.

Is there any mess?

NO, we come fully prepared to clean up all messes made by our animals. Your location will be sparkly clean when we leave like our ponies.

What if we don’t want to have a party at our house?

We know that not everyone enjoys having parties at their homes so we can arrange to have a party at our private location. It is available on a first come first serve basis and is limited availability. There are many advantages to this option, call to learn more. We can also bring our ponies and pets to a staging area at any state or federal park, some city parks, community areas etc. Park fees and permits may apply. You must inquire ahead of time with the park to be sure it is allowed.

Where can we have pony rides and petting zoo parties?

You can have ponies and pets almost anywhere. Your home, front or backyard, community green space, on the street and sidewalk, some parks and staging areas allow it, schools, churches, shopping centers etc.

What do we have to do to prepare for a pony or petting zoo party?

Nothing…All you need to do is direct us to the location where we will be set up. We provide the animals, pens and do ALL the clean up so that it looks as good as it did before we arrived. We do ask that you provide as much information about the location as possible so we can be sure to provide enough time to set up and that we are properly prepared. If we do not know about special circumstances ahead of time it could impede in your party time.

Important things for us to know ahead of time are as follows…what is the terrain, is there shade or do we need to bring shade covers, is there access to water, how far away do we have to park, are there any stairs or bridges to get to the set up area, are there any guests with special needs that we may need to accommodate, what other activities will you have etc. All this information helps to be sure that your event runs smoothly, fun and on time! If you can provide some pictures of the area you want us to set up that would be great! If it is a large event we may request a preview.

What if someone is afraid of the pony or animals?

With over 25 years of childcare, we have acquired knowledge and skills others do not have to help nervous children enjoy the experience at their own level and pace. Our passion, training, and knowledge in the childcare field help us enhance the experience of all of your guests. Our strong love of working with children is evident and makes everyone more comfortable and confident.

Can you accommodate large parties or special events for churches, schools and other organizations?

YES, we LOVE to do large events and help to enhance all different types of celebrations. We are able to travel and set up in many different situations. Our ponies and pets can work in parking lots, lawns, dirt, buildings etc. We can set up a pony sweep so that up to 6 ponies are operating at one time or provide all hand led ponies. We can work with you to make your event a memory that will be talked about for years to come.

Is there a limit to how many kids get to ride the pony?

We have suggestions to help determine the number of ponies that will best serve your guests. It is always hard for children to have to wait a long time for their turn and the guest of honor often wants more than one or two turns. We do not have a limit on number of rides it is simply what we can do within the allotted time frame. We will help you to decide what is best for your particular event.

Who can ride, are there any age or size restrictions?

We do have restrictions. We try to get an idea of the age and size range of the guests attending the event in advance so we can bring the best suited ponies. We have a variety of size ponies so that guests of all ages will be able to ride if desired. We can also bring multiple sized ponies so that you can enjoy the adorable tiny ones and have a larger one to ride too. We have size restrictions for the safety and comfort of our ponies so please be sure to ask. We can provide a horse as well for the young at heart!

Why choose us?

Enchanted Ponies and Pets is an upscale, family owned business. We not only have experience with animals but also children and managing as well. We pride ourselves on presenting unique, quality, healthy, happy animals and employees. We are passionate about creating the perfect fairy tale experience and lasting memories. We are also passionate about providing outstanding customer service and listening to your ideas so we can turn them into reality.

Are you insured, do we need additional coverage?

We have a 2 million dollar policy. If you wish you can be an additionally insured on our contract for $100 fee paid direct to our insurance company Farmers.

What does a pony party include?

This depends on your vision. We LOVE to take your ideas and help to create a perfect event. They can be simple or extravagant. We will work with you to create a package that fits your needs. Of course it includes our wonderful ponies and any pets you desire… where it goes from there is up to you!

What does the petting zoo include?

We are flexible with what animals you choose and enjoy getting creative to work them into your theme. We can bring all of our animals or just a few select. We can create a theme with them as well. It is really up to you. Available animals… a mini donkey, a mini Juliana pig, 2 goats, 2 bunnies, 4 chickens, a tortoise

Are your ponies safe, clean and healthy?

Our ponies and all of our animals are very safe, we have been very selective in choosing the perfect temperament for a safe enjoyable event. Our animals are all current on vaccinations, dental care, foot care and are quite spoiled with lots of love and attention. We work closely with our vets to be sure they maintain good health. All of our animals live in the Tassajara Valley and get care morning and night. We do not keep any of our animals in small confined spaces, this can make it challenging to keep them from rolling in the dirt and being dusty but we believe that it is far more important. That being said, before any event our animals are cleaned get a coat conditioning so that they show up to your event sparkling. When you see our animals you will know by looking that they are cared for!

How do you color the ponies and donkey?

We Love this as much as your guests will! We use a specially formulated, safe, non-toxic chalk paint that rinses off with water. It will not stain your walkways and is safe for kids to use. Our ponies and donkeys especially love the attention they get. This truly is a favorite for everyone!
When we color the ponies mane and tail we use temporary colored hair spray and/or chalk paint. It takes a long time to make our ponies look like real life My Little Ponies and Unicorns. The excitement on the faces of the children when they see them is priceless!